Sage Stick- 1 Large Stick 


Our own natural, ancient incense, harvested responsibly and handmade to ensure we're providing the highest quality smudge sticks available. These smudges are packed with lots of robust, beautiful sage making them last longer. Use it to freshen the air in your home or even your office.

Smudging is an age-old ritual practiced by indigenous American Natives to cleanse negativity out of the atmosphere and restore positive energy. Today, while some people still use it for spiritual purposes, white sage smudge sticks can be used by folks who simply enjoy burning the herb to scent their personal space with its beautiful fragrance.


To use: light one end, blowing the flame out after it catches. Let the burning sage stick smolder, releasing a relaxing, earthy aroma and purifying the air in the room. Distinguish into a bowl with sand for safety. Relight as needed. 

Large Sage Stick 9”


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